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    Question [B]deca and endurance sports?[/B]

    Deca and endurance sports? still doing research on taking deca , and well i know now, not to take it alone or without some extra testosterone , any suggestions for what kind?? Need to keep my weight below 230lbs, as to not draw to much suspision to myself by co-workers. I also have yet to come across a cycle for ie running or swimming. Have a 10ml bottle of QV Deca (300mg per 1ml, 10ml bottle) also enough clomid and novaldex, but i'm curious as to what Test to take as, i can't "Blow up" in a couple of weeks. My current workout includes a 2000 meter swim followed by a 3 mile run 3 times a week, early in the morning (around 5:30am) and then i lift weights in the afternoon, M-F around 4pm. need to get my endurance up to 3000 meters and 5 miles 5 days a week, but, i've worked my asz off to get up to 220-225, since i started at 152lbs?? I dont want to lose what i've worked so hard to get, Ie getting on the gear. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Tanxs in advance.
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    I've taken Deca for long distance endurance and it was awesome but you will need to mix it with test as the Deca will suck it out of you....Deca Dick will also be a brob if you dont take test with it.

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