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Thread: Deca for Lady's

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    Deca for Lady's

    I just wanted to know if there are any female memebers who have taken deca . How much and how long. I have been doing deca and primo. I did deca for 6 weeks at 50 every week / and 100 of primo. I have one more week of primo. You would not believe my muscle gains.
    When I started I was leg pressing 250, today I did 700 pds. and leg curls 110, and leg ext. 240. so far those are my highs.
    I'm so excited. So I was just wondering if any of the other lady's have done deca. This is my first cycle. maxthecat

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    im not sure mrs but deca dosent sound like a safe bet for woman,but you can probably get a better responce in the womans forum,there are alot of nice ladies in there that could help you a little better ,since you didnt get any responces in here,talk to primo,shes a doll.

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    i'm not a chick, but i know of a few who have taken deca and all have had irreversible side effects. deca is a terrible choice. its ester is so long that when side effects start creeping up you can't just stop right away because what you've injected the last 3 weeks will keep being released into your body.

    stay with anavar . 5-10mg/day.

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    Not one of the ladys ,but one of my x's tryed deca and I wouldnt let any female I was invalved with do it again ,caused her alot of trouble ,if you know what i mean !!!!

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    i am in agreement with dr. evil. its a terrible choice. once you start to see sides, its to late.

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