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    little help on fourth street

    I started taking weightlifting very seriously 5 years ago. Watching my diet and so on. I have made good gains it seems to me but I am not where I want to be yet. When I started lifting I weighed a monsterous 140lbs @ 5"10". Over the five years I have put on a fair amount. I currently weigh in at 210lbs.@ 7-8% body fat. My goal is to weigh 225-230lbs. @ 7%. I am finishing up my third cycle and thinking about number four but would like some input. My last cycle is as follows:

    deca 400m/l once per wk ( 10 wks )
    test en 600m/l per wk divided into 3 200m/l shot throughout wk( 12 wks )
    gh 2ius. per day ( 5 on 2 off )

    after cycle consists of HCG and clomid therapy

    I would appreciate any feedback as per what might be a good fourth street to take. This last cycle hasn't showed as much results as I hoped. I'd hate to stall out now.

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    Congrats on your gains thus far bro, great work. About your cycle none you us can really tell you what to take and how much you'll gain. Stick around read up and decide what you want to use and for how long then we'll tell ya what we think. Research these topics.

    trenbolone aka fina/tren .
    higher dose testosterone cycles.
    How did that HGH work for you BTW?

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    As far as the HGH goes I was really expecting to notice more. I have leaned down and have seemed to also become more vascular. I really haven,t noticed much as far as energy increase. After I started and didn't really notice much I did a little more research and found that I am probably taking too low of a dose. But it's so expensive I don't know if I can afford to take it for the six months that I planned, let alone up the dosage.

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