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    cutting cycle with gyno

    Im about to run a cutting cycle with gyno and im thinking of using non aromatizing compounds to keep the bloat and water weight off and to not aggrivate my gyno even more.

    Im was thinking of just using an oral but cant at the moment due to insuficient source problem.

    I am probably going to run injectable phs
    like 1 test cyp and maybe an oral if i can.

    Does anybody know how much test I need a week to just be able to keep the libido and negative side effects away?

    Im thinking i will be cool with like 150mgs aweek or less?

    I will probaly be running a clen /eca 2 on 2 off cycle during this to help shed fat even more.

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    i would take care of the gyno first bro jmo

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    I have some gyno both nipples (it's natty not steriod induced) i plan to use some letrozole to remove it. Hooker stated that this approach was affective for him so i'll give it a try.

    As for your cycle, test with an A.I along with a high anabolic like boldenone and nolva. You should be good to go.

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