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    Galstones from gear???

    I have used EQ in the past and Test and I went today to get an ultrasound because the week before i had excruciating pains in my abdomen and it turns out that I have 5 medium sized galbladderstones....and my question is did this happen from the gear? or could it be possible that the eq could of been fake and i was injecting oil in high amounts and due to the fake gear i developed galbladder stones??..................I came to this conclusion because you get galbladderstones from high level of chloresterol and if you inject fake gear (oil) it goes right to your galbladder and stones appear.....
    someone please help??????????????

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    I am not sure if it was caused by your cycle but I guess it would depend on the dose and length. Gall stones are majority caused by higher cholesterol in the bile where the gallbladder holds fluids that came from the liver. It can also be from high calcium levels. Obesity being fat have higher estrogen levels and estrogen can cause stones as it may raise fatty acids(triglycerides). If you raised your estrogen levels high because of test aromitizing along with high diet nutrients and less water to flush kidneys/liver then it would be a possibility to get stones from the aas. Or it could be just waiting to happen with the test just making you get them faster..

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