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    Intresting write up on triac

    The Triac Story
    Overcoming Failure: Diets that Stop Working
    By Derek Cornelius, President of Syntrax Innovations

    We've all faced failure from time to time and as many of you can attest, it is absolutely no fun. Hopefully, when we fail at something we learn the reason for failure and improve the next time the situation arises. Unfortunately, some people never learn and continue doing the same things over and over, thus continuing to fail again and again. This is what I call insanity--doing the exact same thing over and over and expecting a different result each time. I observe this phenomenon all the time as I watch people diet. They'll commit to some new program and be excited that it's working for the first few weeks and then WHAM!--disappointment sets in as fat loss slows down to a screeching halt. Simply put, goals aren't reached and the diet miserably fails. With the disappointment comes depression and the person will often medicate with food and gain all of the weight back in several days. A few months later, the person tries a new diet and the cycle repeats itself.

    Diets are easy to fail at because there is a law at work. Many of you will want to think that it's Murphy's Law just making your life difficult but I prefer to call it the Law of Dietdynamics. This law states that all diets work and all diets stop working. The questions now is, "What can be done to diminish or overcome this law and end the hopeless cycle of dieting blues?"

    Many people's idea of a diet is to take some little "magic" pill with lots of "magic" ingredients (mainly herbal), restrict their calories or food intake and just hope for the best. Remember the Law of Dietdynamics? This diet will work for a time even if that "magic" pill is nothing more that a placebo because of the reduced calories. Unfortunately, the body is quite efficient at maintaining its present weight and will halt the fat losing effect of the diet in short order (usually within a month) by decreasing its Basal Metabolic Rate. How does the body control its metabolic rate and is there anything we can do to manipulate these controls?

    To make things simple, let me explain a little about thyroid hormones. The two main thyroid hormones are T4 (thyroxin) and T3 (levo-Triiodothyronine). The thyroid gland mainly produces T4 which is later converted by a deiodinase enzyme to T3. The interesting thing is that T3 is about five times more potent at raising the Basal Metabolic Rate than T4. In a dieting situation, the body produces less deiodinase enzyme, therefore producing less T3, Bingo!-- OUR ANSWER! Without the effects of the more potent T3 the Basal Metabolic Rate decreases. Of course, there is plenty of T4 but it's just not potent enough to maintain the metabolism. With a lowered metabolism, less calories are burned on a daily basis and the diet ceases to work.

    In order for the body to start losing fat again, we must find a way to raise the Basal Metabolic Rate. Several methods are used for this purpose and center around two approaches. One is to stimulate the adrenergic (adrenaline) system and the other is to increase the amount of thyroid hormone activity. Each of these approaches is effective and has varying effects on the metabolism. However, as we will see a combination of the two is the epitome for fat loss.

    The most effective method of stimulating the system is to take a product like Adipokinetix. Not only does this product contain the most potent thermogenic ephedrine alkaloid, but it also contains Yohimbine which stimulates fat burning by releasing fatty acids from adipose cells. Adipokinetix will do a great job of compensating for a lowered thyroid activity of several months. However, after 3-4 months, the adrenergic receptors tend to down-regulate to a great degree. As these receptors get stimulated less and less, the metabolism in turn is raised less and less until basically the Adipokinetix quits working. Remember our rule: all diets work and all diets stop working!

    The other approach to raising the metabolic rate is to increase the amount of thyroid hormone activity. In the past, the best way to do this was to take a high concentration brown guggulsterone product. Studies show that this product can drastically increase the amount of thyroid hormones that the thyroid produces thus increasing the Basal Metabolic Rate and increasing fat loss. Guggulsterones work great but my feeling is that it is not potent enough to bring the Basal Metabolic Rate entirely back to normal. Indeed, guggulsterones have been a lifesaver especially when stacked with Adipokinetix because it not only increases its effectiveness but also the length of time that it is effective. I know, I know... many of you are asking if there is anything at all that will totally restore the Basal Metabolic Rate to its normal level via the thyroid hormone approach. Your thinking is correct in that if this were possible we could extend the life of any diet for a very long period of time with very little decrease in potency. Until now, it has been impossible to restore the metabolic rate via the thyroid approach without the use of prescription drugs. However, (and that's a big HOWEVER) for the past several years I have been studying naturally occurring compounds that could accomplish this and found a very special one that's perfect for our purposes -- meet Triac!

    What is Triac? Triac is what I like to call a thyroidal nutrient or a thyroidal prohormone. Just as we have ********* nutrients like 19-Norandrostenediol, we now have access to equally effective thyroid nutrients or prohormones. To make things simple, Triac is not a hormone but instead a naturally occurring degradation product of your own T3 with some pretty fantastic metabolic effects.

    The great thing about Triac is that it is sold as a fat loss drug around the world under the name Triacana . Triacana is indicated for conditions of obesity and for reducing subcutaneous fat stores--especially areas of cellulite. Hopefully, the name Triacana will ring some bells with at least a few of you bodybuilders out there. This drug has been vigorously imported from Europe and other parts of the world for its ability to make a person ripped and shredded. Many of the ultra shredded, ultra cut physiques you see in the professional bodybuilding circles became this way only by religiously using the drug as part of their dieting regimen. Fortunately, upon my extensive investigation, I found that Triac is not considered a drug in the U.S. and can be legally sold as a dietary supplement.

    There are many reasons why Triac is nearly a perfect supplement. First, let me explain the safety profile. Triac is one of the most well studied and safe compounds ever sold as a drug. Triac has been sold as a legitimate pharmaceutical in various countries for the last several decades. In this time, there have been almost no reported negative side effects associated with its use. The only people who should be careful with Triac and should seek the advise of their physician before use are pregnant or nursing women, those with heart disease, thyroid disease, diabetes, hyper-anxiety, or a hyper-sensitivity to iodine. Basically, if you are a healthy individual, Triac is perfectly safe for you. One of the most interesting things about Triac is that unlike the use of thyroid hormones, it will not cause any permanent damage or down-regulation of the thyroid - even with long term use. Triacana even states this in their product literature - another confirmation of just how safe this product is.

    Now that we know that Triac has a superb safety profile, let's go on to looking at all of the wonderful benefits of this compound. One of the best uses for Triac is to bring the Basal Metabolic Rate totally back to normal via the thyroid pathway. This is significant not only because it allows nearly any diet to work for extended periods of time but also because the potency of nearly any diet. Remember, down-regulating thyroid hormone activity is the body's main way of lowering the Basal Metabolic Rate. Restoring this to normal keeps the metabolism elevated and the calories burning.

    Restoring the Basal Metabolic Rate is an extraordinary feat in and of itself but in doing so Triac does something else which is quite amazing. It selectively raises the respiration in adipose tissue while decreasing it in tissues such as muscle. Thus, a person on Triac will burn the same number of calories but those calories will selectively be from fat tissue. This is significant because you get an exaggerated fat burning effect and a concomitant muscle sparing effect. Normally, when you diet, a good portion of the calories comes from the proteolysis (protein degradation) of muscle tissue. Triac is excellent at blunting this catabolic action, preserving the muscle tissue, and increasing the burning of adipose stores. This is the main way that those pro-bodybuilders can get their body levels so low without sacrificing much muscle tissue-this stuff is absolutely incredible.

    The last two beneficial aspects of Triac is its ability to lower cholesterol and its ability to sensitize the peripheral adrenergic receptors. Thyroid hormones, in general, lower cholesterol but Triac is special in that it is also very potent in the liver causing an exaggerated response in terms of lowering cholesterol. The last beneficial aspect of Triac is its ability make the peripheral adrenergic receptors more sensitive to products like Adipokinetix. This is another reason why stacking Adipokinetix and Triac makes so much sense. Basically, Triac will supercharge the effects of the Adipokinetix. Some people have experienced this phenomenon with stacking guggul with Adipokinetix - Triac though has a much more powerful effect.

    We have looked at the Law of Dietdynamics and have seen how all diets work and how all diets stop working. We have also seen that by using the compound Triac we can significantly halt this law in its track. Proper dosages for Triac are 2-4mg per day in divided dosages.

    One company which manufactures a product with Triac is my company - Syntrax Innovations Inc. The product is named TRIAX. Find those dieting blues, end that terrible feeling of failure and try Triac.

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    I just purchased some a couple of days ago actually.. A friend on another forum used it and had excellent relsults; so I thought I'd give it a try

    Its renamed to TRIMAX

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