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    3rd Cycle..need advice

    Well gettin close to starting another cycle..need a little advice first. My last cycle was Test Cyp and Deca ..I used Nolva all through the cycle as well as pct with clomid... suffered a slight muscle tear a a few weeks after pct and had to sit out awhile. My question is i am very sensitive to gyno..I have a few lumps around each nipple but the gyno doesnt show. Im thinking of next cycle being test cyp/ primobolan do i need to start nolva a little early and how are those research sites? is the liquid clomid/nolva for real and what are the legal aspects to ordering research chemicals..i live in illinois...thanks guys

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    You need to run the Nolva with the cycle if you are prone to gyno. No need to start it earlier than the cycle itself.
    The research sites products are fine. Just go with one that you have heard some feedback on. Legal aspects...these are illegal compounds to just obtain without a prescription. The way they get away with selling is that it is intended for research purposes only.

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    use ***** bro, click the banner on the top right of the screen

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