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    hey guys quick question here, i ordered 2 multi's of bd testabol depot(cyp) I got them from a source i trust. I have used him before, but when I got them they look a little diffrent. One has a slight gold tint(like usual) but the other looks almost clear, I was just wondering if you guys think there real. The lables do not pull off(they are on there!!), although the clear one the label seems to be a bit highter to, they both have the same manufactured date and exp. date. I have seen sus that was a little clearer in diff batches but thats all, Most supps I have seen seem to be tinted, anymods or vets have a good(or bad) news for me or anyone for that matter. Thanks bro's

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    It would be easier, if you had/have some way of posting some pics of them, in the fake steroids forum, lots of smart folks check that out to see, and trust me they know their ****

    Good luck

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