5th cycle im doing tren enuthanate with winny here is the cycle

1-10 tren enuthante
8-12 winny
clomid 12 - 14 or longer

now the question i have is my tren is 10m1 tren enuthante 250mg /ml how much can i gain off of this cycle

i weigh 270 pds my bodyfat is high but i wanna put on as much muscle as i can i got eca ephedrine and caffeine and lipo 6 to cut later. now with this cycle if i wanna put max amount of muscle what should i do high carb , high calorie and protein diet like take heavyweight gainer 900 or high protein low calorie diet like nature isopure but i think more calories equals more muscle

what should i do i can always cut later and how much can i gain off this cycle thanks anyone