Hey bros, I am planning on running my 3rd cycle in the spring. Here is what I was thinking of doing...

wk 1-8 Var
wk 1-17 Test E 625mg/wk
wk 1-16 Eq 400mg/wk
wk 6-16 Tren E 500mg/wk

Nolva, and Trib throughout and proper PCT

Do you guys think I should drop one of the oils? Is this too much for a 3rd cycle? My last cycle was Test E 500mg/wk and Eq 400mg/wk. I made small gains but kept almost all of my gains including strength. I am just as strong now as I was on cycle, maybe even stronger in some things. I really want to run Tren E but I also want to run Eq. I dont know what to do...can someone help me out ??