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    Mutiple gear low dose. anyone concider? test e/deca/eq/1-test/4-ad

    anyone think about doing something like this? (small doses of multiple types of gear for various different reasons)

    4-ad cyp 600mg a week
    1-test 500mg a week
    test E 250mg a week
    deca 100mg a week
    EQ 150mg a week

    4-ad cyp gives you test like results in that dose without the estro conversion - 1000-2000mg/week is a typical dose. i made it at 300mg/ml so this should be hard to hit

    1-test - much more anabolic than test, but not nearly as androgenic . typical dose: 600-1000mg a week

    test E - we all know. i just wanna make sure i got a little bet of straight test because my natural test will be shut down.

    Deca : 1-test is kinda like winny - it dries up your joints. so that 100mg is just for joint lubrication

    EQ : strictly for appitite purposes.

    with this cycle i should have a ****load of anabolic power, with VERY little estrogen conversion, high appitite, and energy for intense workouts. any feedback?

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    not a fan of the cycle but i dont use phs. i doubt 150mg of eq a week will do anything for hunger.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marlin444
    anyone think about doing something like this? (small doses of multiple types of gear for various different reasons)


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    why not keep it simply

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    horrible horrible.....the deca and eq won't do jack at that dose......just stick to the regular cycles guys take.

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    4ad has a 15% conversion rate so 600mg would equate to 90 mgs of test, once it converts to test it still aromatizes into estro. It is also anabolic on its own so the unconverted will not go to waste. 1 test is more like a mild tren alternative(good dosing you listed). I doubt the deca and eq will do anything though.

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