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    Anadrol 50 and sustonan 250 questions

    Has anyone had any experiance with sust. and anadrol ? WOuld it help me keep my gains better? I have taken sust and d-bol before, and was mildly impressed (not sure what i was really expecting but i only gaind about 12lbs. in a 4 week go)

    i already have the anadrol and am wanting to throw so test in with it but i can get sust on demand
    Also what is a typical anadrol and test Cycle gain weight wise, I was just wondering if the 30 lbs gained are rumors and myths or actually fact

    thank you for any help

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    12 pounds in 4 weeks wasn't a bad cycle @ all in my opinion. ITi s hard to say on what kind of gains you could recieve. It all depends on your diet, protein intake, genetics, and training.

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