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    test e along with prop,eq,var, & winnie

    hey guys do u think it would be ok to run 250mg/wk of test e along with taking 100mg prop eod, for 10 weeks, along with 400mg eq -10 wks, and then adding 30-40 mg var along with 50 mg ed for the last 6 weeks of a ten week cycle? Or am I going about this whole thing wrong?

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    I would run 500mg of test for 12 weeks. i would not even run the prop.try to take twice as much test as eq. Run the eq for ten weeks. This is how I would do it its just my opion .Maybe someone else will have a better IDEA for you.If you need anymore help send me a pm

    weeks 1-12 500-750mg test
    weeks 1-10 200-350mg eq
    weeks 1-10 30 50mg of anavar

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    Whats your cycle experience?

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    thanks guys for responding to my questions so far. my cycle experience has not been nothing really big. All I have done over the last 2 years is take 10 cc test for 10 weeks, then off for 5: and then I would do a cycle of winstrol by itself for 12 wks: I thought this was the right thing to do but from the articles I have read on these forums so far, I have been WAY OFF! I was only doing what I was doing because of the people telling me in my gym. Apparently, they don't know crap either. I am the only one in my gym who competes and that is why I need your opinions on these matters: I have 40ml prop, 20ml eq, 20ml winnie, 15cc test e, 10 cc deca , 50 ml arimidex , and 100 nolva pills: I am still waiting on the var(I was gonna run it at the end of the cycle With this info, what do u guys reccomend?

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