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Thread: Need Advice !!

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    Smile Need Advice !!

    Need some advice on my first cycle. Iam 29 years old, 210lbs, 6'2", and about 11.5% bf. I get to the gym 3 to 4 times a week and do cardio on my off days. I have been lifting since 1995 and have used m1t on several cycles (got great gains). I am wanting to add lean mass and cut up the fat. I was thinking of doing test cyp, with nolva on hand, and clomid for pct. Did not know if something needed to be stacked with the test cyp or just run it alone.

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    Cyp Is For Big Mass
    Prop And Tren Combo Is Good For Lean Mass And Fat Burning Only Prob Is Ed Injects
    Or 500mg Of Test E A Wk. With 400mg Eq A Wk.

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    bro i would do the test cyp only for 10 weeks at 500mg with 10mg of nolva ed.

    (for sake of arguement check out bask8cases thread on low dose cycles and see if you like that as well, there are many different options and see what works best for you, remember no one responds exactly the same per dose so do some research.) hope this helped

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