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Thread: Drug Testing

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    Drug Testing

    Ok guys well i have read some threads before about steriods not coming out on druge tests. I just got hired by a big company and is drug screening me. What do u guys think, will they test for steriods or not? Ill find out soon but i am kinda scared of failiong it. I am on 300 mg of deca /week, 500 mg of test/week , 30 mg of d-bol/day, and 10 mg of nolvadex /day. I actually took my injection today of 300mg test and 250 of test and had the drug test today. What do u guys think?

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    no, they won't test for juice.

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    I just took one not too long ago, they won't test for juice, but all the pot you have been smoking might come up...haha

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