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    assistance with cycle

    Hey fellas , Im looking to do a GH with cycle withsome other products added as well. I am thinking of these products to use. This will be my third cycle. Im going in for cutting. Im at 195 lbs 11-13% b/f. I want maximum muscle with great vascularity, I want some opinions if you have any other suggestions let me know. i want a idea of how some pros would run this.. like ex... this drug this for 6 weeks then doing this for weeks 4 -8. you get the ideah well help me out fellas thanks!

    (HGH 4-ius 6 days a w/k for 3 months.)

    (clen -5 tabs a day for round 6 w/ks.)* I have the option of running
    cytomel with it*

    (parabolan 100mgs evry 3 days I have enough parabolan to run 6

    ( masteron 200mgs a week for est. 6 weeks.)

    (Winstrol 50mgs 4 times a wk.)

    (hcg 2000ius a w/k for 2 w/ks.)* have the options to run fina *
    *and also primobolan

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    Where's the test?


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    well I thought bout that, but I wanted to keep the water retention low as possible... I can add test cyp 500mg if that will help any better I know test usally cause some pretty considerable amount of water retention thats why I didnt list it. Thanks for the reply bro.

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    u need test bro! and if u can afford it i would run the gh for 6 mths. JMO...

    winny needs to b taken everyday at 50mg

    clen should b run for 2 weeks on 2 weeks off for 12 weeks. working ur way up to about 250mcg's/day

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