since my late teens (im now 26) i have had a lump behind my right nipple wich flarred up occasionaly and disipated on its own. this was the only indicator of adolescent gyno. the nipples werent puffy just one lump..
i did a cycle recently of sust at .75ml e3d and nolva 10mg ed for 10 wks.
its been 8 weeks since that cycle and i now have puffy nips. the lump behind the right is a little larger (about marble size) and i now have one behind the left (pea size).
curious if its safe to cycle with these and anti-e's at a higher dose...say 40mg ed?
is 8 weeks later a good indication that they are permenant keeping in mind that ive heard letro can resduce even pre-existing adolescent gyno.

anyone with experience in these matters please help me.
thanks alot bro's!