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    Oxyvar & Methyl-D Stack

    what do u guys think of stacking prohormones like oxyvar and methyl-d? is it worth it or jus stick to tha juice?

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    As much hype as supplement companies produce today with the big muscle men and hot bit#%$ all over him.. who knows what to expect. I was like you, I do know that I got tired of spending 100's of dollars sometimes 500$ at at time and working my ass off and getting maybey 3-5 lbs of muscle that i couldnt really I made the decision to heck with supplements like that ... but I have heard good things bout this no2 oxidator or something bro. but hope I could help...

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    oxavar is NOT a bulking steroid ! It was produced to maintain muscle mass during a cutting cycle while maybe adding a pound or 2 lbm.

    Methyl d is ok at 10mgs ed and higher but not a lot of people have taken blood tests to determine its toxicity. At higher doseages it rivals M1T for some.

    Stacking two methylated orals is never a good idea unless you know you are going to get some blood work done, make sure your liver can handle it.

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