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    Exclamation Can I Get Some Help

    hey bros i need some help. ive been thinkin alot, and ive come down to 2 options. 1. Clen /T3 and get down to 12-15%bf, and then start a Cyp cycle(15weeks), with Fina/Winni or Eq run for the last half. 2. Run Cyp now at current bf(16-19) for 15weeks and add Fina,Winni or Eq for the last half and cycle in Clen. Honestly i dont know which road to take, can you help me out?

    My goal is to get back up to 225 with 12%bf like i was before, or maybe 230 with 12%bf. Currently im down to 208 with estimated 16-19%bf

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    Diet down first with 300mgs of test cyp and use the t3/clen . If you do that right with a strict diet and lots of cardio that shouldn't take u more then a few weeks.
    Then add in the other AS's. If you do it that way you'll be looking at a longer cycle then you've planned.
    Or you can just diet down more natually with just using clen.

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    You should use t3 with some Test/AAS otherwise you will burn your muscle mass faster than you can blink. Why not just diet hard for a few weeks then do a Test Cyp cycle only?

    Is this your first cycle? If not, hit the Test and clen /t3 like Mbaraso said. If it is your first, diet down naturally, then hit Test Cyp at 300-500mg/week only.


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