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    How to properly use Anavar

    Ok, who on here is experienced with anavar . I would like to introduce it into my cycle. I am on week six of twelve on a Test E cycle at 500mg a week. I jumpstarted the cycle with prop EOD for first four weeks. So my question is, can I effectively introduce anavar at this stage?
    Also, what does it do for you? I have only the info from my source and would like opinions from members here.

    I am wanting to tone up a bit and winnie is just too bad for my hairline.


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    I would say var will be easy on your hairline, and yes you can bring it in now, for hardness and strength though, not mass, its a waist of time for mass/bulking. You can run it as long as you can afford, if it was up to me, would run 50mg ed till 2 weeks after your test e is finished, then jump straight onto pct.


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    Not bad on the hairline at all. I am predisposed to hairloss and it has not been a problem. I think 50mg is on the high side for me. I would take 40 mg ed now and continue 3 weeks after your Tes cycle ends. As said above you will not get huge on Var but strong and hardness comes on fairly quick and will be with you pretty much 24 hours a day. Great Product IMO some people will say its not stong enough or not worth the money I personally disagree 100%.

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    Im a fan of var i think its a great hardener and i also agree it is not hard on the hairline

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    I've cycled var in two previous stacks(40mg/ed; 50mg/ed) and never had a prob with hair loss. In both....I ran it at the beginning to 'kick start' my cycle(much like Dbol ) for 8wks. The first time I ran it I noticed good strength gains by the end of the first wk....the second time it took a little longer; probaly because the quality was of a slightly lesser grade. I will definately run var again but next time I'll cycle it right up to PCT to help solidify gains. Also remember to try and split your doses at least twice/day because of its short half-life.

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