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    Weird Injection last night

    Last night I was injecting my test e into my delt. While I injected it went in fine. I aspirated, no blood, injected, and then when I pulled out a stream of blood came out. Then a lil swolled knot showed up and I could see the blue of a vein underneath my skin. I think when I injected, I went through a vein that was close to the surface. Its 14hrs later and the swelling is still there a lil and a nice bruise. Anyone ever done this? I immediately thought abscess when I saw it, but I think that was just panic...

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    thats normal bro, i had a jet of blood shoot out a few times, and also had alot of the juice come back out, usually caused through what you said, going through a vein, and yes you will get a bruise, nothing to worry about


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    I've had this happen in my bicep before when shooting tren . It's only happened to me once and I've poked probably a thousand times. Don't freak out about it. It'll bruise up real nice for a while, but it'll go away and it more than likely won't happen again. My bicep had a little volcano on it and it turned into a bruise the size of a midgets fist.

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    like they said, not a big deal, just hurts like a b*tch

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