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    tapering down femara for pct

    Im pretty gyno prone and ive been running 1.25mgs of femara ed as well as 20mgs nolva.

    Im on week 7 of a ten week cycle involving test. starting week 9/10-12 im going to be running Methylated DHT to harden up my gains.

    I realize i have to taper off my letro useage because it can interfere with my recovery during pct.

    Now I will be running 20mgs nolva ed until week 13 that is when pct starts with just nolva and tribulus.

    When should I start tapering my letro down and how much should I drop down.

    I was thinking Id start dropping during week 11 and then drop .25 every two days until I reach no letro for week 13 PCT?

    So this would leave 4 days while waiting for pct to begin while I have no letro in my body sound good or should I make it so I end the letro closer to the first day of PCT?

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    Bro femara has been shown to increase test in men, so you could use a low dose of it with your pct since you're gyno prone. Instead of using it ed go eod then e3d


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    I agree with Johnny.

    You could continue to run it at 1.25mg, but only dose it every other day.

    Running it ED during post doesn't make sense to me. EOD or E3D would work.

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    I thought you get an estrogen spike once you come off of femara is that not true?

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    if you dont taper it.,, either taper taking less or like they said eod or e3d

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