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Thread: Dbol ?

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    Dbol ?

    Ok, I am into my 2nd week of 35mg/day Dbol and 500 Enth/week. I just came down with the flu (thanks mom) yesterday and was not able to take my dbol for the day, nor can I today due to severe stomach disscomfort! Now this is going to be 2 days WITHOUT dbol ! Is it ok to resume tomarow again, or will it be like starting over on the dbol...?

    4weeks dbol
    12weeks enth

    My 2nd cycle...

    So far, in about a week and half I put on 8 pounds! But with all the throwing up and the SH**s for an entire day with NO FOOD NO WATER, i'm afraid to go on the scale

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    at least force the water down... then resume the dbol like normal

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    I'd just continue with the dbol like you hadn't missed a dose. Don't double up or anything. Are you using ldex as well? cause you'll retain a lot of water with the dbol.

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