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    What The ****?!!! The Night Of Champions Migth Be Cancelled!!!!

    This Is Bull****!!!the San Fran Grand Prix Is Done, The Show Of Strength Purse Went From 100k To 15k . Bodybuilding Is In A Sad Sad State Of Affairs!!! Can We East Coast Guys Get A ****ign Major Contest Of What??!!oh Now I Have To Fly To ****ing Ohio To See The Arnold Or Vegas To See A Half Assed Production Of The Olympia??can Us Tristaters At Least Get The ****ing Noght Of Champions?i Mean It's Production Looks Like It Cost ****ing $12, But **** Can I Check Out A Major Pro Show? This Is Bull****. This Sport If You Wanna Call It That Is Getting Worse And Worse Every Year. Pathetic. Maybe Steve Weinberger Has To Step In And Save The Day Since There Is Not A Responsible **** Around Who Is Gonna Save This Show. **** You To Ami, Weider, Gnc, And The Rest Of The Johns Who Are Whoring Pro Bodybuilders Out And Giving Nothing In Return To The Athletes And Especially The Fans!**** You!

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    it doesnt make me a dime either way so i could really care less..but have at it bro

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    Quote Originally Posted by partyboynyc
    This Sport If You Wanna Call It That Is Getting Worse And Worse Every Year.
    You are right. Bodybuilders and their fans treated like s...t. No caddy this year at Olympia for mr. Olympia. Media want to see "clean&natural" bodybuilders. But I don't want to see 120 lbs bodybuilders. I want to see huge and strong bbuilders!!!

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