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Thread: How much?/

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    How much?/

    How much milk thistle and cranberry extract should i take daily? I am on a 400 eq 500 test cyp cycle. (5 weeks in) Been having some lower back pain. Got a blood test and doc said my kidney and liver function is off a little. Its causing some discomfort in my back. Guys on the board recommended it but i don't know how much to take and if there is anything else i can do.

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    Drink lots of water. 2+ gallons ed. I take 1g. milk thisle ed throughout my cycles, and PCT. I don't know about the cranberry though. BUMP for some answers on cranberry extract.


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    I am getting ready to run a similar cycle and had the same questions. BUMP.

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    id just follow wut it says on the bottle bro.

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