Wuz up bros, I have a very important question and I would like the advice of you more experienced aas users. I am coming up to the end of my cycle. I was planning on running it 10 weeks, which would mean end Dec.22.My cycle was Var20mg a day first 4 weeks and 375-400mg every 7days. I have gained 20lbs already and have had no problems(till now)except alittle elevated bp.
My question is that I don't know if to cut my cycle to 8weeks(and start pct) or extend to 12 or just keep at 10. The reason why is that the 31st is my Bday I am going out of town with my girl. Point is I want to have a good time(drink and party, I have been really strict till now) and I am worried about thePCT and Depression, with all the horror stories I have been reading on the site. So I wondering if I should cut it short so I could do PCt or just end as planned. Or just do the 12weeks and lower the dose on the last 2 shots to 250 and go have a good time and worry about PCT when I get back.Please help being new I am unsure of what to do! Any advice would be appreciated, sorry about the length of the question.