Wuz up fellas I am coming up to PCT time. I have been doing 375mg of test E and I started with 20mg a day of VAR for the first 4 weeks. I will be running HCG (eventhough i did not experience too much shrinkage, but I was told it was a good idea.) Nolva + Clomid. I am going to start the nolva next week, one week before I end so I can start loosing some bloat(I didn't experience alot, just on my face alittle) and then start the clomid.
My last shot will be on a Wednesday, so I want to know when I should start the Hcg and when to jump on the clomid.
As far as Clomid someone told me to take 2pills for 5days and then do 1pill for two weeks, but on the site it says to do 300mg1stday, then 100mg till end of second week, then 50mg last week!what to do?