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    injecting virimone

    lo m8s new to all this me and a friend have been injecting sust and virimone in are shoulders but for some reason ive got a strange problem what has happened twice,when my m8 is injecting the virimone,it goes in o.k but soon has he takes the needle out it sometime sprays back out,any 1 know what this can be.thanx

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    try injecting slower.

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    Leave the pin inside you for a minimum of a minute after you have finished squeezing the plunger. Injecting shouldnt be rushed in any way

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    Inject slower, its a water based steroid so you'll run the risk of this happening. But I doubt your losing too much. Just go slower and maybe alittle deeper.

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    Mmmm... Verimone... oops -> Pull the skin to the side, administer the shot, pull the pin out and then release the skin so it "slides" over the entry point... also, since Virimones are made with a very thin oil - try a smaller guage pin... 25g would work like a charm - even for using it to draw out of the amp...

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