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    Cycle set.....just some last minute questions

    Ok this is going to be my first cycle in about 2 years. This is what I am looking at

    Weeks 1-8 Pro/tren combo 50 mg ED
    Weeks 3-8 Winny 50mg ED

    Nolva 10mg ED throughout
    Clomid 3 days after last shot

    Now my goals are also to shed some BF% (currently at 18% give or take, and will be lower prior to starting this). I have heard that by adding Clen and T-3 to this I should see some significant results. I have read NUMEROUS ways to cycle/ stack clen and t-3 but I am just a bit confused. If anyone who has run a similar cycle to this and also stacked clen and t-3 with this can offer up some suggestion I would appreciate it. I am looking for the best way to take the clen and t-3 during my Pro/Tren/Winny cycle.

    Also I will be taking B6 throughout as well as Milk Thistle and Ala. I will also be ahearing to the cutting stick w/ a few minor modifications.

    Anyone who can help me dial in the clen/ T-3 part of this (length and suggested dosages) would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks and looking forward to the responses!!!

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    read mallets thread on clen , its very helpful. Im sure all ur questions can be answered there. You may want to up the Prop/Tren to 75mg ED. Good luck

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