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Thread: Longer cycle

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    Longer cycle

    Hey guys, my next cycle is gonna be test E 1-14 eq 1-12 winny 6-12, with of course nolva and proper PCT. I was reading some info in the steroid bible about how cycles longer then 8 weeks will cause to much cortisol to build up and make u lose your muscle. I was just wondering if i'd keep most of my gains from this or if i should cut it down shorter? let me know what u think

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    I've done an 8, 10, 12. go for 12 and with proper pct your hormones will balance out and bounce back quickly(relatively speaking). 8 weeks will cause a spike in cortisol as steroid levels are high and when they come down cortisol is there. You may be able to recover a few days or a week quicker with 8 weeker but 12 weeks makes more since for gains.

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    run the winny from week 9-14

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    That's hardly a long cycle. It's about the minimum length while using eq IMO. I wouldn't worry about cortisol buildup. I'm not really sure of the exact length but I'm sure cortisol, just like all other substances in the human body, has a certain active life. This would mean that a longer cycle would not neccessarily build up much more cortisol.

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    My last cycle was 16 weeks and it wasn't easy getting the boys back up again. Im staying with the 10-12 weekers at the most.

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