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    Clen dose while on Ketotifen or similar

    I have read the Clen Handbook but it does not say how you should dose Clen when using Ketotifen. I know this allows you to stay on Clen longer, but what dosage guideline should I follow? For example:

    (first clen cycle)

    Day 1 20mcg
    Day 2 40mcg
    Day 3 60mcg
    Day4 100mcg

    and then keep going up till I hit a max dose I am comfortable at and just run that for the length of the cycle I want (6 weeks in this case)???

    Anyone's thoughts would be cool!

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    Don't bother with Ketotifen. Just buy Benadryl from your local CVS and try 50mgs/day every 3rd week you're on the clen , at night before you go to bed. As I told you via pm a month ago...

    Also, with the information in that PM, you can figure out the answer to the other threads you posted on clen today/yesterday.

    Clen should be used until the dose you are taking causes unbearable sides or your BP hits 140/80 (slightly high). Then reduce it by 1 tab a day and stay at that dose.

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