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Thread: B*#@h boobs

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    B*#@h boobs

    So my buddy is saying that he thinks his nips are a bit larger now that he is coming to the close of his cycle. The dude is Mr. Paranoia anyway. He says he only has 2 more days to go and then he is off. The question he wanted me to post was...does gyno go away after awhile, if he were to develop a mild case of it? He is going to take some PCT drugs to help get everything back in check. I asked him if they were tender or anything and he said that they were not, but that he just thought they might be a bit larger. LOL. Thanks guys.

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    they will begin to get sensitive and itchy before getting larger.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dropteeth
    they will begin to get sensitive and itchy before getting larger.
    Real sensitive.. Then there will be a marble size lump under the nip..

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    how much TEST is he running?

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    ridin dirty
    run nolva through pct to be on the safe side.

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