DNP II experience

DNP II is a mixture of DNP with an equal amount of Quecerin to help minimize the side effects.

Start 189lbs, 5’10” 14% BF

Day 1 – received the DNP II in the evening and started with first cap (200mg DNP + 200mg Quecerin) increase E to 800 iu 2x/d increased CAL-Mag supp to 400 mg 2x/d also 10 units of Humilin-R on waking and before lunch. Slept okay – but woke up at 3am for a while – not too hot though. I am drinking 50 ounces of water at night.

Day 2 – one cap in AM 1 cap in PM felt warm and moist but not bad. Same as yesterday but added the glycerin and V8 juice. Also drinking 4-80 gram protein shakes (80 g Whey protein, 10g glutamine peptide, ¼ teaspoon of cinnamon, 1 table spoon psyllium husks, 5 g creatine monohydrate with 15 ounces of water) and at least a gallon and a half of water. Oh, breathing is a bit difficult and if I talk for very long I am gasping for breath.

Day 3 – a bit warmer and more moist today still not really sweating like others report. To yesterday I added the Taurine, pyruvate, iron, Selinium, and separate Magnisium AM and Calcium pm along with potassium and melotonin. Did sit in hot tub last night for a while and it felt remarkably good – I was very careful to monitor how I was feeling though. I am noticing that it feels a bit funny under my skin when I move – almost like when the bursa popped inside my elbow and that felt like pancake syrup under my skin – kind of sticky.

Day – 4 well it is like living in the southern US hot and moist – still not sweating … more like seeping. No changes to supplements or dosages. Wow, it feels good just to have air move past me when I am walking down the hall. Same syrup feeling under my skin today.

Day 5 – No changes in supplement dosages. Very sweaty night – stayed in a hotel. Went in the pool and then the hot tub probably both were mistakes. It was also pretty cold outside.

Day 6 – Woke up with a very sore throat and my uvula (you know that hangeydownthing in the back of your mouth) was so swollen I thought it was a wad of phlegm and tried to swallow it several times. This was a pretty long day – or at least felt that way – I had to teach for three hours and talking and breathing still don’t go well together.

Day 7 – another pretty sweaty night sleep – feel kinda sick – like the flu but not too bad. No Humilin-R today.

Day 8 – last dose of DNP in the morning. Felt hot all day… and was sweaty through the night but just my head. Weighed 183 lbs but my stomach looks bloated.

Day 9 – no DNP and no insulin but continue supplements.

Day 12 – well, final weigh in was 181.0 so a little over a pound a day… not bad. Still look like I’m pregnant though. I feel leaner overall, but the stomach area…

Next experiment will be 200mg/day for 20 days… I’ll see if that is a bit more pleasant.

This wasn’t bad but my wife did get on me for being different – not very talkative – okay so less than normal.

I did end up getting sick – nasty sore throat and sinus drainage about day 12. Maybe not related to the DNP but then again I did go swimming in November!

Overall not bad. I kind of like not being cold no matter how cold it is outside/inside.