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Thread: Wrist Problems

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    Wrist Problems

    I broke my wrist two months ago and had a cast on it and all the bones heeled correctly. the only thing is i have almost no movement in my wrist and its very painful to stretch it. its been over a month since i had my cast off. my orthopedic surgeon suggested physical therapy and wrote me a prescription for it. i then came to find out my insurance wont cover the therapy. i then went back and told him that the therapy wasnt covered by my insurance and then i asked if he would give me a cortisone shot and he said he wouldnt and told me to take advil and squeeze a ball. my question is will test help speed up the recovery?

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    I fell your pain

    That sux i broke my wrist on a 4 wheller and ijust got my cast on your really freaking me out so keep me posted on wut happens.

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