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    test E,fina,hcg for first cycle??

    hey guys my cousin is planning on going on his first cycle...i'll give you his stats he's a big boy 23yo been working out for the past 6 years or so 6'4 260lbs about 14-17% bf (estimated guess) and he has some huge lifts all natural... welll for his first cycle he wants to run 500mgs of test E for 10 wks and FINAPLIX @ 75mgs ed for five weeks and instead of clomid he plans on using hcg ?? Any input from you guys would help thanx

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    Phiuh...HCG can't replace clomid, ever! HCG should be ran during longer cycles to prevent your nuts from shrinking to atoms...He'd better not use it instead of clomid. If this isn't cristal clear to him then I'd suggest that he wait with any AAS.
    A first cycle should concist of TEST ONLY, IMO.

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    Tren is not idea for a first timer for many reasons which I won't get into.
    HCG does not replace clomid period.
    Test e and some dbol is all he needs.

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