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    Need For B-6????

    Is There A Need For B-6 W/ This Cycle? If So For Which Drug??

    Test E 300mg Wk 1-10
    Decca 200mg Wl 1-9
    D-bol 30mg/day Wk 1-4
    Winny 50mg Eod Wk 5-10

    Will Have Arimedex And Nolvadex On Hand


    Ps Comp. Locked On Caps Sorry

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    yes there is but first i would look at setting up a better cycle. the first part is for bulking whil ethe winny will cut u. pick one or the other.
    since this will be your first real cycle according to your profile i suggest

    1-4 dbol 30mg/day
    1-12 test enathate 500mg/week
    nolva @ 10mg/day
    l-dex at.25mg/day( i prefer femara myself, it is much stronger)
    start pct 2 weeks after last shot of test 300mg/day 1 then 100mg/day for the next 29 days

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