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    Talking D-bol bridge good idea?????

    A friend at the gym suggested i'd do a d-bol bridge he says it will help to keep size and stranght gains better then just coming off with just clomid and said not to use hcg for last few weeks of cycle like i planned cause it will be a waste of cash he suggested to start the d-bol at the same time i start the clomid which is two weeks after last test shot and continue with the d-bol for at least 4-6 more week after clomid a total bridge length of 8-10 weeks by then the body will recover 80-90% and will prevent a crash then just stop the d-bol and rest for a few months before startin another cycle. Do you guys think this will be a good idea or not please explain
    I am in week 12 of my cycle here's how it looks
    weeks1-10 deca 300mg/week
    weeks1-5 d-bol 30mg/day
    weeks11-16 tren 75mg e/o/d
    weeks 1-18 ethanate 500mg/week
    weeks 21-24 clomid 300mg 1st day followed by 100mg/day 2 weeks and 50mg/day 2 weeks
    weeks 14-18 was gonna use HCG but was told it will be waste if doin a bridge
    What do you guys suggest and think i should do??????
    thanks Luke

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    I don't think it's a good idea if you are coming off anything other than a low dose cycle. It it's long lasting size you want, why not just do a 6 month low dose cycle.

    More like:

    deca 200mg/week
    d-bol 20mg/day
    ethanate 200mg/week

    But I'm more into longer low dose cycles myself. I just think it's better for your body in the long term.

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    I've seen people adding 5 mg of dbol in the morning during PCT. But until I get more data - I'm a bit sceptical about this.

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    That is exactly what I did......

    Quote Originally Posted by Rookiejay
    I've seen people adding 5 mg of dbol in the morning during PCT. But until I get more data - I'm a bit sceptical about this.
    But I started roughly 3-4 months after my spring EQ/Test cycle..I used 10 mgs in the early am and sometimes 10 more 1-2 hrs before evening workouts...on non workout days sometimes i used 10mgs and sometimes not..this went on for roughly 4+ weeks finishing up in early oct..its now early Dec and the end result was/is decent strength gains, weight up around 12+ lbs...I was reluctant to post this cause i didnt want newbies to think this is an actual cycle with the gains I got..This is not a cycle Newbies, not a good ideal for a cycle, but I used the D ball shall we say as a supplement along with high protein/glutamine intake...Plus I've been training very heavy so Im sure that has also helped me gain this extra weight and strength...Next real cycle is set for a late Jan start..Basic test/deca ...

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    if you would do d-bol with pct, how much would you do per day? And wont that stop your body's natural recovery?

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    check this out........

    Quote Originally Posted by tvd220
    if you would do d-bol with pct, how much would you do per day? And wont that stop your body's natural recovery?
    a good bro named kaz tried this out....not sure if he is still around but here is the link.. . helpfull......I basiclly based my little d ball experiment/bridge on this idea..I love it how Kaz hits the newbies 1st with his thoughts and vet knowledge...
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    Don't get me wrong, I think it's a great idea. The reason I'm being sceptical - there's not enough data/info on whether your natural test production gets back in full swing.

    The gains will obviousely be better. I'm afraid that dbol (even in small amounts) may still suppress your natural production - as a rusult, instead of having a rest in between the cycles - you end up running one continues long cycle without giving a chance for your natural production to resume to full production.

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    Written by Fonz from EF
    This is a good read on dbol bridgeing from Fonz should answer alot of your questions.

    D-bol Bridge Explained by Fonz
    I've been reading some of the posts regarding this
    bridge and some of them are truly from left-field.
    First of, this is a BRIDGE. OK? a B-R-I-D-G-E.

    Your LH function and Test levels are supposed
    to RECOVER.

    Ok, now having said that.
    Here's the pharmo-kinetics behind Methandrostenelone,
    brand name Dianabol .

    10mg taken at once will increase your average testosterone level by 5 times and decrease your endogeneous cosrtisone
    by 50-70%.

    The reason why dianabol is a good choice for a bridge is that
    its VERY anti-catabolic. It also dopaminergic. Giving you the
    benefits of increased CNS strength modulation by
    its androgenic mode of action.
    Androgens, in case you don't know, increase neuro-muscular
    function, thus STRENGTH.

    OK. Now, lets delve into the metabolic chemistry behind
    dianabol's choice as a bridging agent.

    When are testosterone levels highest?

    Answer: In the AM, thats when.

    Your body releases a tesosterone spike in the morning.
    This is when tesosterone levels are highest.

    When are Insulin levels lowest?

    Answer: In the AM thats when.

    Low insulin levels=increased protein used as fuel.
    (Also fat, but protein is also being converted
    to glucose via glucogenesis)

    OK, here is where dball's short half-life works for us
    (Its 3.2-4.5 hrs btw)

    Lets take Subject X.

    He's in bridging mode.
    He has just woken up.
    The body is about to release tesosterone, thus
    creating a spike.
    His insulin levels are low.
    His LH and test levels are very low.

    He pops 10mgs of dianabol.

    Here is where things get interesting.

    The 10mgs of dianabol will cause a testosterone
    spike WHICH COINCIDES WITH the testosterone
    released ENDOGENEOUSLY in the AM by the testes.

    The body will be partially fooled.
    It will not entirely detect the increased levels of testosterone
    (above the normal test sipke), thus LH function WILL
    REMAIN only partially(Very little actually) suppressed.

    In other words, he is "piggy-backing" an extra dose of testosterone on top of the endogeneously reduced one,
    thus creating an "inflated" test spike.

    Henceforth, LH levels WILL BE ALLOWED TO SLOWLY
    RECOVER over time.
    Also, dballs anti-catabolic effect will help curb protein-loss
    in the morning from low insulogenic levels.

    HOWEVER, and here is where almost all of you go wrong.

    You CANNOT GO PAST 10mg of dianabol in the AM
    for this bridge to work!!!!

    Why? Because of the blood levels of dianabol you would generate.

    10mg in the AM will be broken down to 5mg in about 4 hrs
    (Probably less)

    5mg of dianabol, is not enough to cause another rise
    in testosterone levels after the precceeding one. Thus,
    LH function is allowed to up-regulate.

    Anything more(Say 20mgs), will cause a SEDCONDARY
    testosterone spike which WILL inhibit LH function further,
    thus not allowing LH function to recover.

    Oh yeah...100mgs? ROTLMFAO!! Fat chance.

    The difference between 20mgs and 10mgs means the difference
    between allowing LH to recover slowly and not allowing it to.

    So, here's the scenario summed up:

    Beginning: LOW LH and test.

    Adding the 10mgs dball.

    LH is allowed to SLOWLY RECOVER over time as
    testosterone levels are kept at a level which
    will not cause muscle-loss. Also, dball's anti-catabolic effects
    will reduce protein degradation.(Via cortisone

    This is what i call a double positive. You have managed to
    INCREASE anabolism(Test levels) and DECREASE
    catabolism(cortisone), during a bridge to boot!!

    The bridge should last 8 weeks, NO LESS.
    I also have to say, that it WILL NOT restore
    complete LH function. It'll get you 80-90%
    of the way there but the only way you're going
    to get your full LH function back is if you go OFF
    Anavar WILL NOT restore LH completely either btw.
    (In case anybody is wondering.)
    The difference is that with anavar you can take it
    throughout the day and with dball it HAS TO BE
    once in the AM.

    Hope that clears the air.

    quoted from D-bol cycle

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    Hey bro,

    im using dboll as abridge right now...I wouldnt suggest you use it while on PCT..use clen ..its much better imo....after your pCT is can use the dboll...10-15mg right when you wake has to be taken in the am at the same time each day..I believe it has to do with you bodies circadian rhythm ..this will allow it to boost test levels but not serpress them and allow you to recover at the same time...i would also suggest that you extend your deca wks can use the hcg , use it at the mid point of this cycle..I dont like the way you have the tren ...tren takes a good 4 wks to really kick in, and i dont like to mix it with deca, i have always liked doing it for at least may want to think about dropping the deca and going with tren e and test e for the whole cycle...they are nice together..imo

    hope this helps

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