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    what dosage for Methyl-1-test?

    i hear it is actually a steroid so i think im in the right forum....
    is the dosage comparable to dbol ? so should i go with about 25mg a day for 4 weeks if i was to try it?

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    try 10 mg for the 1st week to see how you react. It takes about a week, week 1/2 to "feel" the effects. 25mg is alot to start with. You should stick to around 10-15mg ed.


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    10-15mg is money with that stuff. Its awsome.

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    Wierd stuff, that M1T. I started it at 20mg/day and the second day I had libido probs. I need the full use of my unit right now so I immediately called off the cycle, but I will be away from the ladies soon and I will try it again. I did notice a pretty good pump while training on it, and it really lasted. A few hours later somebody commented on my arms. I didn't notice the lethargy that many folks report. Maybe that only sets in after a few days?

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