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Thread: Women on Clen

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    Smile Women on Clen

    I ordered some clen for my ladie she is doing 45 min of cardio and eating a decent diet, but I have read that clen may not be a good idea for her? I was thinking of two week on two week off ECA in the off weeks for 8 weeks do you guys think this is good? Is there anything Im missing? Thanks Bros.....

    Example of cycle:

    Day1: 20mcg
    Day2: 40mcg
    Day3: 60mcg
    Day4: 80mcg
    Day5: 80mcg Day6-Day12: 100mcg
    Day13: 80 mcg Day14: 60 mcgs
    Day15: off
    Day16: off
    Day 17: ECA

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    ttuPrincess Guest
    why wouldnt clen be a good idea for her?

    this is a good cycle, pretty much exactly like my 1st... im seeing a lot of the tappering down with clen now... is that something new I havent heard about?

    Yes, with the eca in the 2 weeks off, and yes for 8 weeks total of eca /clen....

    Good Job

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