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    Question on next cycle

    Hey Guys,

    I have a question about dosages for my next cycle. I'm planing on basing it around EQ and Test Enth but I am confused as to WHY certain dosages are needed. I would like to keep the Test as low as possible to avoid the "Test Sides" (which I dispise) and was thinking of running:

    250mg Test enth - 15weeks,
    400mg EQ - 15 weeks
    Anavar or Winstrol over the final 4-6 weeks
    Appropriate PCT.

    Now then, through all my research on the site it's been made clear the one should always run as much Test as EQ because it will shut down your natural Test production (the EQ that is). So this brings me to my question. Let's say my body is producing a weekly amount of around 70-100mg of Test naturally (I think that's currect). Now I add 400mg EQ which will effectively shut down my natural production of Test. To counter this I will add 250mg of Test weekly which is 3X the natural amount my own body normally produces. The EQ can shut down my natural Test but has little power over the 250mg of synthetic Test I am injecting with it. So in theory, to a guy entering his 3rd cycle (still a newbie) all of my functions related to Testosterone should be largely uneffected (sex drive, etc.).
    This is my undereducated view on this but I would appreciate someone with a lot more knowledge to explain the error in my ways. If I'm replacing the test my body normally would have (plus some) why would I need to equal the EQ dosage? Thanks guys!

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    i think that cycle is fine, do the var 6 weeks with the last 2 weeks going passed the last injection, with the test going 16 weeks, one passed the eq


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    Thanks Johnny B. Anyone else have any input on pro's and con's of running less test then EQ.

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