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Thread: Winny how long

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    What should I take

    I am a college baseball player and I want to take something that will help me greatly in my preformance I have taken winny before but not the full cycle and I saw pretty good results from that but I am afraid that if testing comes around that Winny will last in my system for too long, I do have approximatly 40 days of clearance maybe more with out being tested. Therefore I was just wondering what anyone would recomend to take in my situation for results that would really just increase strength and not an overabundance of mass...thanx
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sigel23
    alright question to anyone who really knows the answer and please tell me how positive you are on the issue b/c my career relies on it......I need to know how long Winstrol stays in your system if I am taking it every other day out of the capsals.....Thanx

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    Anavar is the best for gains without the gains or all the water retention, alot of baseball players use anavar.

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