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    Thru all the cycles who's got a abscess?

    Just wondering if this problem is bound to occur if you continue cycling over the yers.

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    I got 1 abscess about 5 yrs ago...Had to get it cut out, not fun...I was playing college football and none of us wre on the boards or had much guidance. We would draw with 1 needle and use another 1 to inject with. except, we used it about 5 times before we threw them away...Worked for awhile but it finally got me...Stupid but we didn't have access to any pins...

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    Ive done 2 cycles shooting ed for 12 weeks and 2 cycles shooting 2 times week for 14 weeks. Thats about 225 shots and luckily no abcesses(knock on wood)

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    None yet, 70 injections under my belt !

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