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Thread: help on pct

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    help on pct

    a member here said to get clomid from the ***** link.I did some looking & a 70ml bottle is all i could find.can i get these in pill form?where?If i get 70ml bottle when do i start & at what dose?I am 5'9 185 & my cycle will be 10 wks of 500mg of test e & 300mg deca

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    Pill form or liquid form same thing bro.
    And you'd start 2 weeks after last test injct or 3 weeks after last deca .
    Read the edu forums...

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    Isn't that 35mg/ml @ 70mls?..... start from there. Like day 1 PCT would be 300mg clomid = roughly 8.5 mls from *****. It comes with an oral syringe so you can measure it out. You use the ***** stuff the exact same way as the pills. Good luck.

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