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    Second Cycle Update!!

    Cycle: 1-5 25mg dbol
    1-12 400mg Deca
    1-14 500mg Test E

    Started at 210lbs, now up to 227 lbs. Holding a fair bit of water, but the strength increase is absolutely unbelievable!! My bench press went from 285lbs to 340lbs, deadlift 365 to 440lbs, squat 315 to 405lbs. Every other exercise is up substantially. I don't think I can get any stronger than this. Has anybody used HCG with this type of cycle??

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    I think HCG is a must with any 19-nor


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    Some will say keep the boys plump and use throughout, I would use 15 days prior to clomid and do 1000iu every day for 10 days for the hcg . Also, if you keep at it you can get stronger than that, maybe next cycle though...

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    Can you get HCG on any research sites? The only stuff i can find is from a vet. Used on pigs. Im a little sketched out by that.

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    BTW Fred,

    Im about to start a very similar cycle. Its interesting to see your results.
    Here is my cycle if your interested:
    Daily Sups
    Optimen- 2 x ED
    Udos - 3 x ED
    Milk Thistle 3 x ED
    Myloplex + Glutamine AM
    Glutacell + Glutamine PWR
    Mycellular+ Glutamine PM

    1 Drol @25mg/ED
    2&3 Drol @25mg/2xED
    4 Drol @25mg/ED
    2-11 Test(cyp) @400/wk (2 shots of 200mg)
    2-11 Decca @300mg/wk (2 shots
    of 150mg)
    1-13 Letro @.25mg/ED

    14 Start Creatine load
    14 Start ZMA and Tribulus

    14 Nolva @50mg/day
    15 Nolva @30mg/day
    16-17 Nolva @20mg/day
    18 Nolva @10mg/day

    15-18 Clen @20-60mg/day(depending
    on how i feel)
    6&12 HCG @500IU/day

    Im not positive about the Clen and HCG yet. I will probably make the call on the Clen when I get closer to PCT. The HCG I will add if I can find it. Every thing else is in hand already.
    My diet is solid and I will be using a work out schedule based upon the max-ot program. This is my first injectable cycle so i am a little nervous but I think i have a great base and i am well prepared. I am going to try to cut until the new year and start the cycle then. I may end up starting sooner tho.

    Let me know what you think and good luck with the rest of your cycle.

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