I go up to 2 grams test plus 700mg tren /week and can say that for me I can only tolerate those doses for 6 weeks tops. The daily injections of two-three cc's gets old fast. I can feel my blood pressure rising and unless you maintain a huge protien intake you're wasting your money because without a positive nitrogen balance the heavy sets and resulting muscle breakdown will put you into a catabolic state very quickly. It's hard for me to eat around the clock the 400-500 grams of protien daily and I don't really like to. I still believe I get more from a high dose run of 4-6 weeks will yield maximum gains in a short period but also have found that unless you have your playbook planned out completely and follow it to the letter you are not going to make much if any progress over a low dose 12 week cycle. Since I stay on HRT between runs for 6-8 weeks I am always in an increased androgenic state I tend to keep everything. I'll be 44 in Feb.