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    1st Cycle Finalized...Materials Being Ordered

    Hey...just an update. Thanks to all who helped give their input into my first plunge into the darkside. Here is what I have decided upon.

    1-12 Test E 500 mg/week (250 mg on Mon and Thurs)
    1-12 Nolva 10 mg cap/ed

    14-16 Nolva 20 mg cap/ed
    14-16 Clomid 300 mg day 1, 100 mg days 2-11, 50 mg days 12-21

    I want to add these, I know my dosages, but does it matter when I start them? Could it be towards the middle/end of my cycle or should I wait to PCT? I ordered my pins, syringes, and alcohol swabs tonight so I'm pumped about that.

    Let me know what you think. Comments wanted.

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    if your going to run the clen /t3 do it while you are on cycle because t3 can eat your muscle you could also toss your clen into your pct if you wanted

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    i would get some l-dex bro and save the nolva for signs of gyno or pct

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    yea like bignatt said, run clen /t3 while ur running test so u dont lose any muscle, and run some clen during ur pct. good luck bro

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