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Thread: ROTC Testing?

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    ROTC Testing?

    Hey i just finished up a cycle of EQ and Test on the 4th and am worried because i found out with my ROTC application i will need a physical and drug test in january does anyone know if the ROTC for the army tests for EQ and Test, i looked on their website and it said only upon suspicion, but i wasnst sure what you all though. Thanks

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    You shouldn't have any cause for concern..Tests conducted are for illicit drugs(THC, LSD, Barbituates, etc.), not anabolic steroids ..Don't lose any sleep over it unless you walk in for the physical and are screaming I just got off cycle..

    Doc M

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    Well unless you are really huge i wouldnt worry about it...When i was in they wanted us to get big...82nd AIRBORNE..."Death from above"



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