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    Exclamation steroid interest group (time to get political)

    I've heard a lot of complaining about the recent anabolic steroid control act of 2004... talk is cheap and its time to take action. Also I've learned in the personal and the business world that its all political. For example I've had much experience with the tow truck industry and the only reason they get away with a lot of the crap that they do is because of their strong lobby in politics. Now I'm not suggesting a steroid interest group, but rather a sports nutrition (or something along those lines) interest group. Its not enough to just say "make sure you vote". We need strength in numbers to show we can make a difference. Look at the NRA and the power they had to make the assault weapons ban die.

    The great thing about steroid use and fitness is it reaches all walks of life. White collar to blue collar. Which means that not only do we have a large base of support, but also have a lot of great minds to help the cause!

    I'm not a lawyer, but from my understanding the dietary supplement health and education act of 1994 (DSHEA) said that the FDA had to prove a product was dangerous before it could pull it. Well, ephrida (sorry if I spelled that wrong) had less deaths in its years of use then the death rate of a flu shot for one year. To me that was a politically motivated move due to the death of that baseball pitcher. I do not believe it followed the DSHEA rules and should be challenged. Also from my understanding some jerk off wanted to add creatine to the anabolic steroid control act of 2004 before it passed. Clearly these people who are making the discussions are misguided.

    With any interest group you need a large amount of members and a lot of money too. If we can rally enough people I'm sure money will not be an issue. The supplement industry is huge and should be more then willing to help protect their business (think of the tobacco company's).

    A lot is needed to make this work! For starters I can offer what I'm good at (web design). I was thinking of making a web site where people who support the cause could register, so we can see how large the interest really is. From there the web page can spring board other ideas and movements. Please post if your interested or if you can help. Any ideas welcome. This just came to mind and I'm ready to take action... are you?

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    Get Arnold he could be the pres...nice try bro but there is more of them than us...



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    With regards to the Tobacco analogy, Steroids are different. Tobacco has been around for countless generations and was a huge financial success for our pre and post-revolutionary days in America. Our economy wasn't built on juice, so steroids will never be thought of as important.

    Great idea, but like d.b. said, there are more of them than us.

    If you could get it off the ground I'm sure there would be a decent amount of support, but I really don't think that with all the bad press associated with steroids that anything could ever happen.

    The future of juice is underground, and companies like BALCO are the reason why.

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    i like your motivation bro

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    Ill be a member

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