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    R these guns registered?!

    The same old-new question: is it controlled delivery?

    I have couple of questions. I did a lot of research for two days on this board but didnít find a one-way answer to my questions. Your contribution is highly appreciated.

    I got mail notice last Saturday in my apartment mail box. I placed a note on my door to deliver any parcels at the leasing office but it never happened so I waited until yesterday and went to the mail office gave them the note. The agent went in for few minutes and came and told me that he couldnít find the item inside so I need to go to the supervisor office and get my parcel! I thanked him and came out. It sounds very suspicious to me. Do you think it was a controlled delivery? I donít care much about the loss as my dealer will send me the gear again but not sure whether it might be a controlled delivery? Iíve never heard of controlled delivery in the mail office!
    By the way, I used to get all my parcels delivered at the leasing office previously in case they didít fit in my mail box.

    My next question: I read a lot in this board about getting new P.O. Box at UPS Store but as you guys know they ask for two IDs. So they will come to know who is owning the box. Is it safe to ship the gear to this kind of mail boxes? Is it safe to write fake name on the parcel? Would it be delivered at all to my box if the name is fake?

    I know that my name and apartment address most probably marked so any safe solutions?

    No body knows Iím using gear so I donít want to get it shipped to my friendís address.

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    Get a box in the next town using your name...but on the parcil just use the PO box number....get your mail late at night when know one is around...



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    if you wait a couple of days (cops are not going to set a sting unless you are buying in quantity), go back ask again if you should see the supervisor. If at that point they try stalling you say you have to go and you wasn't even expecting a package its just that you got this notice. seem puzzled.

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    i got a box the other day at the UPS STORE, (its not cheap), i sent my self a letter to the box in another name like i read on this board to do. its bin a week and a half still no letter in the box. I'm going to try again with one letter to my name one to alias and one with just the address no name. hope it works this time. like i said its not cheap.

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