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    Information on recieving packages.. GOOD read!

    This was posted by John Bench over at Musclesci... enjoy...

    First off, there is slight chance that your package will not make it safely to it's destination. No matter how good the source is at packaging, there is always a chance of the package being seized. If your package is stopped by customs, don't be afraid. If you order a personal amount, you should be safe, customs will only seize the gear, and send you a letter saying that they have your package. The order can be claimed by telling customs the package is for medical reasons, but it is not worth the risk. If your package is stopped, write it off as a loss, and forget about it. Today, several sources will resend your order for free, or give you a discount, if you prove that your package was stopped by customs. If ordering a large order and customs seizes the package, there is a higher chance of getting arrested. This doesn't mean if you order a smaller package you are safe from getting busted, there is still a chance that you will get set up.

    Secondly, most sources only stay active for so long, for safety reasons. There are a few that have been around for years and continue to have success. There are three reasons why the sources you have now, may not work, in say, two months from now. Reasons:

    1. The source was arrested. Arrests will occur every so often.
    2. The source retired. The source might feel it is getting too risky, and retire.
    3. The source turns into a scammer. It works like this, a source builds a good relationship with everyone and begins to get several orders a day. All the sudden, the source decides to scam everyone that orders. This problem doesn't happen too often, but it does happen!

    What will customs do if they open the package?
    There are two things customs will do if they find anabolic steroids in your package. If it is a small amount, customs will most likely send a "seizure letter" on "Department of the Treasury, U.S. Customs Service", telling you the controlled substance has been "seized", and you can challenge the seizure if you want. Don't bother. If it is a larger package, customs might take action and set up a controlled delivery, where they will set you up. The bigger the package that is stopped by customs, the higher risk you run of them doing something about it. But if it's a small package, simply throw out the "seizure letter". However, your mailing address may be flagged by customs, so you will need to use another address.

    Placing an order
    First off, there are two things you should keep in mind before placing an order. Never order more than you can afford to lose. This is key for two reasons: 1. If your package is stopped by customs, it will be seen as a personal order, and no action should be taken. 2. If your package is stopped by customs, you won't lose too much money. It is wise to make a small orders until you find a good source(good prices, large variety, smart packaging).

    Who to send it to
    Basically, there are three different ways to decide who to send it to. All three ways have advantages and disadvantages.

    The first, your real name. Most people don't prefer sending the package to their real name. Sending the gear to your real name is good because if you do get busted, you won't get charged for having a false identity, and you can always play stupid that the package isn't yours.

    The second method is sending it to a false name. Most people that use this strategy will use a female's name, because it is more likely a male will be doing illegal activities, rather than a female. Also, if you get into any trouble with the package, you say, "I'm sorry, that person doesn't live here". However, if that doesn't work and you get busted for the package, you will also get busted for sending the mail to someone that doesn't exist. If you get busted while using your real name and it is your first offense, the punishment shouldn't be too harsh. However, if you get busted with steroids, and with a false identity, your charges will be more severe. I personally know someone that had the cops knocking at his door at 3:00am, looking for the false name that the package was addressed to. He told them that person doesn't live there and he doesn't even know who that is. The cops apologized and never came back. But not all cops will fall for that, probably not many of them, so be careful. In both cases sending it to your house still has the obvious disadvantage, it can be traced directly to your front door.

    The third, which isn't used too often, is sending the gear to another house, wait for the package, and pick it up when it arrives. People that have used this strategy, will usually send the package to an older couple's house. But if you get busted for the package and your are caught, you will also be in trouble with the law for using this strategy. It is risky for obvious reasons and rather difficult to perfect.
    Where you want to send it to
    A lot of people will just choose the path of sending the package using their real name, and real address. So, if caught, you can play dumb and say the package isn't yours, and you will avoid any extra charges for sending it to a fake name. Now, if you are using your real name or a false name and sending it to your house, there are some rules to follow. When a steroid source sends you a package, you should never have to sign for it. The majority of people will never sign for a package and write it off as a loss. If the package is sent to your real name, you can say, "I'm not expecting a package, I don't want to sign for it". If the mailman keeps pushing you to sign, simply repeat yourself, and shut the door. NOTE: Even if you have known your postman for years, it doesn't matter, don't trust anyone. If the package is sent to a false name, simply say, "That person doesn't live here, I'm sorry", and he should leave. What he says from there should be obvious if it's a set up or not. If he tries to force something on you, you should be able to tell it is a set up, especially if it is your regular postman. If it is a cop, dressed up as a postman, he would have been trained, so whatever you say, he will always have a good response back to you. But if it is your regular postman, he probably won't be ready for what you say, and you'll notice him hesitate or stall, before he replies to you. In either case, if you take the package or need sign for it, you will get busted. Because the mailman is making you sign for the package, it doesn't always mean it's a set up. The source might have mailed it so you have to sign for the package, or there are other reasons that you have to sign for it. I know people that do sign for the package, and it is perfectly fine. However, I would strongly suggest, write the package off as a loss, and move on. NO GEAR IS WORTH YOUR FREEDOM. Remember that. I have heard of cases where the postman was really a cop, the owner of the house didn't even sign for the gear, but they still busted him. Having the person sign for the package gives them more evidence against the individual.

    Another technique that is being used by the government is the "friendly neighbor" approach. What will happen is your neighbor, or a police officer pretending to be your neighbor will come to your door with the package. They will tell you they live down the street and that your package was accidentally delivered to their house. They thought they would be the nice neighbor and bring it to you. In this case, if you know the neighbor or not, apply the same rules, as if it were the postman. If the "friendly neighbor" persists, tell them it is illegal to be handling someone else's mail, and shut the door on them. If you take the package and it is a setup, your house will be swarmed within seconds by the police/customs/government, or whoever. Don't be too worried, it can really be just a friendly neighbor delivering your package, but as I said above: NO GEAR IS WORTH YOUR FREEDOM.

    Another problem that might occur is the mailman leaving a slip from the post office in your mail box. This slip will tell you that you have to pick up the package at your local post office, and it will explain why. This problem doesn't happen too often but it does, because the package is too big, you weren't home, etc. If this is happens, most people won't get the package, and just take it as a loss. But if you decide to get the package, be very careful. Don't go to the post office as soon as you get the slip in the mail. Wait a couple days, they will hold your package for a long time. Find out the post office hours and go early in the morning, so if they are suspicious people walking around, you will know it. Also, some post offices are in 24 hour convenience stores, but still have regular post office hours. If you are lucky, you can go there past post office hours, say 4:00am and someone working the convenience store might get your package for you. When they get your package, either during or after hours, pay attention to how long they are taking. If they are taking very long to find it, or try to stall you, tell them your are in a hurry, you have to go do something quickly, and you will be back in 15 minutes. Now leave the store and go somewhere out of sight where you can still see the post office/convenience store, preferably a location where you can see the front and back doors. Wait about 20 minutes, keep your eye out for suspicious cars or people approaching that go inside and don't come out. If you do see a suspicious car or person, forget the package and leave.

    The scenario you do expect and what you are hoping for, is that the package is delivered safely to your house, no mail man, no neighbor, no post office slip. When this happens, a little smile will go on your face, however, you aren't safe yet. Another way you can get busted is there will be a setup waiting for you to take the package. When you go out to get your mail, take a look around, see if anything looks out of place, the cops will probably be out of sight, but just see if you can see anything. As soon as you get the package inside, and I mean immediately, do the following: Take a black marker and write on the package, "RETURN TO SENDER", then put the package right by your front door. Doing this will make it look like you weren't expecting the package, and the next time you were to leave your house, you were going to put it in the mail. Leave it there for a couple days, after 2-3 days and nothing happens, you should be safe to open the package.

    If you don't want to send it to your house, another option is renting out a PO Box and sending it there. The PO Box is about $10-20 dollars a month to rent out. What some people will do is get a fake ID made and rent a PO Box under that name. The Box is not connected to their real identity in any way, so if they get busted, it will have to be at the PO Box. Other people will just get the box under their real name to avoid additional charges for the fake ID. When getting a box, get one that has 24 hour access, and when you get your package get it at early hours of the morning. Doing this if there is any kind of set up, it will be easier to spot. If you are being followed or someone looks out of place, don't go the PO Box. A lot of people don't like getting PO Box because it is more suspicious, and prefer sending it to their house. If for some reason, you are 100% sure there is something wrong, phone the post office immediately and tell them to close your box, your "company" has gone bankrupt, and to return all packages to the sender. Do that if you found out your source was just recently busted. If you have, or know someone with a business, it might be better to send the package there, rather than the other two suggestions. Only problem with this, if the business gets busted, it will be very bad for the business. But if you go the business way, it is less obvious because the business probably receives several packages a day. If the business gets busted, they can claim they had no clue what was in the package because they get so many packages a day. Or if you have a business name on the package, like "XXXX Software", when customs sees it, they shouldn't be overly suspicious.
    When to place an order

    There are different times of the year that have advantages and disadvantages. Around holidays, especially Christmas can be good and bad. Christmas time is good because there are so many packages going through, it is hard to check all the packages. On the other hand, it can also be bad because of terrorism, someone from a foreign country can be sending a mail bomb. So any packages that look suspicious will be opened. All in all people believe it is better to use the holiday season for sending packages. Ask the source how they package. It is a very good technique to wrap the package in wrapping paper and add a Christmas card that says "Merry Christmas". If your source does not use this technique, let him know about it.

    What to do if you get busted

    If, for some reason you get busted, memorize these tips, they can save your life. If the cops come to your door:

    1.If they arrest you, go outside, and lock the door behind you. Don't let them come inside and look around. Don't hide, don't make them come look for you, if you do this, they have the opportunity to look around.

    2.If they ask to search your house, tell them you do not give them consent to search your house. They cannot be in your house without a search warrant, unless you let them.

    3.When you are arrested, don't say a word. If they start asking questions, say "I won't answer any questions until my lawyer is present". They are prohibited by law to ask any more questions after that. In several cases, someone has talked to the cops when they were arrested before a lawyer was present, and screwed themself over. The case which could have easily been thrown out because of lack of evidence, was quickly overturned to a guilty plea.

    4.If you are stopped on a street and a police officer wants to talk to you, you don't have to. Simply tell him you do not wish to talk to him, he might then try and contact you later at your home though.

    That's it, you now know how mail ordering works, and what to expect.
    John Bench

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    If an officer does stop you, say in the post office, or on the street by your house and wants to talk, you dont HAVE to, but you are required to show them ID. THis is all you have to do. You can pull out your ID, show them, verify any information ID related, and thats it. You dont have to answer any questions though. So dont just walk away from them or ignore them if they ask for ID, they can stop you.

    Be careful!

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    good post , bump

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